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Official List of Occupy Wall Street Supporters, Sponsors and Sympathizers

The 99%: Official List of Occupy Wall Street’s Supporters, Sponsors and Sympathizers

Communist Party USA

American Nazi Party


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What Is Biden Not Saying About Palin’s Claim That She Could Beat Obama?

The Vice President dropped by MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program this morning. Mika asked him about Palin’s assertion that she would win in a 2012 match up. The first half of his answer is what you might expect. But then the voluable Biden becomes, for perhaps the first time, suddenly tigh…

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Obama on Biden: My ‘Single Best Decision’

Stimulus?  Obamacare?  Nope–picking Joe Biden to serve as his veep is apparently the president’s “single best decision.”  From the Chris Coons campaign trail in Delaware:

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Biden: Obama‘s Brain is ’Bigger than his Skull’

During a stump for Delaware Senate candidate Chris Coons, Vice President Joe Biden confessed that the president’s brain has outgrown his own skull.

Sounds like quite the affliction. Get well soon, Mr. President.

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Biden says Republicans favor 'bad old days'

DES MOINES, Iowa – Vice President Joe Biden  says Republicans want to take the nation "back to the bad old days." He contends that's because they fared well while most Americans suffered.

Biden made the comments to about 200 Democratic supporters Tuesday in Des Moines during a fundraising luncheon…

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