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#TwoMeows Paw Shaped Litter Mat

Two Meows Paw Litter MatI am an animal lover, and if you're reading this my guess is you're at the very least a cat lover! So I know you'll love pampering your kitties with the Two Meows Paw Shaped Litter Mat! I received my Two Meows Paw Shaped Litter Mat in exchange for an honest review, however; I have three litter boxes in my house so I plan on ordering a lot more of these as soon as possible!

This isn't just another rug, this is a technologically comfort designed litter pad that will make your dogs wish they could use the litter box too!


The 10 main advantages to this product are:


1. It significantly reduces litter scatter around the litter box area.
2. It reduces litter being tracked throughout your home in the carpet and furniture.
3. It’s easy cleaning. The mat can be folded to shake litter back into the box.
4. It can be rinsed.
5. It’s soft on your cat’s paws (beware, there are other mats that look similar but “not” soft like ours is).
6. We utilize more premium material so it’s long lasting.
7. It’s a non-slip grip on the back so it stays in place.
8. It’s Fun.
9. It doesn’t trap odors like cloth mats.
10. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Can you believe it even has a two year warranty?!?! And when you register your Two Meows Paw Shaped Litter Mat you're gonna get a FREE GIFT! Two Meows are very passionate meow lovers and like introducing premium quality products that cats (and their owners) love. I love my Two Meows Paw Shaped Litter Mat and I know you'll love it too!

Do you use one of the new Crystal Litters out on the market? You should! They quickly absorb moisture and stop odor 5X better than the leading clay litter. The blue crystals are also extremely lightweight and gentle on your cat's paws, however; while gentle on your kittens paws those crystals can be MURDER on your feet! OUCH!

Two Meows Paw Litter MatTwo Meow Paw Shaped Litter Mat catches all those Crystals before they hit the rest the floor, allowing you to enjoy this breakthrough technology without worrying about the PAIN! The small crystals minimize dust and make scooping easy but they won't escape your Two Meow Paw Shaped Litter Mat as your furry friend exits. With great odor control and moisture absorption, crystals are purrfect for those looking for easy litter maintenance.

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