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Eclipse Sun Sleeves

July 7, 2013

Eclipse® Sun Sleeves are GREAT for people who need to protect their skin from UV rays while Driving, playing Golf, Gardening or just being outside. They also work well as Compression Sleeves for people with medical issues and injuries.

Quick drying, durable, yet thin and stretchy Eclipse® Sun Sleeves are perfect in ALL types of weather! They are made with quality out of the latest patented sun guard performance fabric, they include UPF 50 so they block at least 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays, they're quick-drying so they're cooling, also they are odor-resistant and have a dry feel, best of all they're soft!

I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and these sleeves work great in the heat when I have pain or swelling. I have tried all of the cheap versions and they are either cheaply made or cause more pain. Eclipse® Sun Sleeves are the ONLY thing that works for me!

Also they're available in a ton of cool colors and paterns to match any outfit!


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