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The True Meaning Behind The Christmas Colors

The True Meaning Behind The Christmas Colors

Why are Red and Green Christmas Colors?

The colors red and green are commonly associated with Christmas and might as easily be referred to as Christmas colors. Of course, we all enjoy these Christmas colors, but you might be wondering how red and green became synonymous with Christmas. If you’ve ever wondered why we deck everything out in these festive primary shades, you’ll be happy to know we have the answer.

Celebrate Life

Green signifies life. You probably remember this from high school biology class. Plants depend on chlorophyll for life. With respect to Christmas, green symbolizes the hope for eternal life that Jesus offers. There are so many ways that we now incorporate Christmas colors, green in particular, into our Christmas celebrations. Evergreen trees are green and are commonly associated with Christmas as are many Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments and bows.

Celebrate the Sacrifice

The color red also has deep origins too. Red is intended to symbolize the blood of Jesus. At Christmas time, we see red everywhere. Santa sports red with his popular costume. Most Christmas decorations contain some red too.

The combination of the Christmas colors red and green are also part of annual Christmas celebrations. Holly, which consists of green leaves and red berries, is meant to incorporate both red and green to symbolize life and blood.

Red became more popularly associated with Santa when Coca Cola company began an advertising campaign in the early part of the last century and Santa was sporting a red outfit, which very clearly matches the red of this popular beverage’s cans. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Coca Cola cans were made in both Christmas colors?

Here To Stay

The Christmas colors red and green are here to stay. We instantly associate these colors with Christmas and it is difficult to imagine any other colors associated with Christmas (except, perhaps, for white). So this year, get out your red and green attire in the days before Christmas and don your yuletide apparel with pride. Wear those Christmas colors and wear them well!

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