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The History Behind The Dazzle of Christmas Lights

The History Behind The Dazzle of Christmas Lights

Why Do We Put Up Christmas Lights During the Holiday Season?

It's that time of year again and we figured what better way to kick off the 2010 season of Christmas Lore than with the history behind those Christmas lights we'll all be hanging up soon. After all, we enjoy the beauty of this time of year. Why not get t the bottom of why the houses in our neighborhoods sparkle? Here's the scoop...

All That Glitters...

It turns out that Christmas lights date back to the 17th century (and maybe even before that period). Sure, there wasn't electricity back then, but they did have candles. Wealthy celebrants would place candles on their Christmas trees. Then, in 1882, electric Christmas lights were introduced and Christmas was never the same (in a good way, of course).

The Transition

It seems to be human nature that once we get a good thing, we can't get enough of it. People were so pleased with electric Christmas lights that they began looking for more ways to use them. Hence, the evolution of Christmas lights from a “tree only” decoration to a house-wide decoration.

Nowadays, Christmas lights are nothing like the lights of yesteryear. You can get them in all colors, shapes and sizes. There are icicle lights for your gutters, net lights for your bushes – even lights wrapped around wire to make decorative Christmas light figures.

Of course, if you're the more traditional type you can get the plain white Christmas lights of years gone by. There are so many Christmas lights to choose from now, there's certainly something for everyone.

This year when you hang your Christmas lights, think about how lucky you are. Imagine if they hadn't yet been invited and they were each individual candles you had to arrange.

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