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Bee Venom Therapy

February 25, 2013

Bee Venom Therapy

For centuries, honey, bee pollen, and bee venom have been used to treat a number of ailments that vary between chronic pain to skin conditions. Apitherapy, or the medical use of honeybee products that range from royal jelly to bee venom, was used by the ancient Egyptians as a homeopathic remedy for arthritis. Today, bee venom therapy, or bee sting therapy, has captured the attention of medical science as a potential homeopathic remedy for multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms.

I know that personally I have used Bee Venom with wonderful results. When I first learned of the option I was nearly blind,  using a wheelchair due to the loss of feeling in my legs, and suffering from severe conative (or memory) problems. Because everyone in my household were Allergic to Bee Stings I opted to administer my doses of Bee Venom through Pellets, Raw or Infused Bee Venom Honey, and Creams.

Bee venom therapy (BVT), or apitherapy, most commonly uses the stings of live bees to relieve symptoms of diseases like MS such as pain, loss of coordination, and muscle weakness. Stinging is not limited to any specific area of the body, as stings in different places seem to produce different results. Apitherapy researchers suggest that certain compounds in bee venom, namely melittin and adolapin, help reduce inflammation and pain, and that the combination of all the "ingredients" in bee venom somehow helps the body to release natural healing compounds in its own defense.

After taking the Bee Venom for the first time I saw both immediate and long term results. Immediately I could feel tingling in my extremities and see more clearly. Within two weeks I was walking and within a month I was back in my High Heels! I eventually regained most of my sight and had more energy to do things.

Given the fact that no major studies on BVT have been done so far, it is estimated that only about 50 U.S. physicians use it to treat MS or other diseases. And the evidence that BVT helps MS patients, although encouraging, remains anecdotal. Despite this, of the more than 250,000 cases of multiple sclerosis nationwide, thousands of patients are said to use bee venom as an alternative approach to the interferon, corticosteroids, and other drugs typically used.

Word on BVT has spread to where the American Apitherapy Society says there are about 10,000 people providing this therapy — apitherapists, beekeepers, and acupuncturists, as well as those with no health background. Some patients even treat themselves. But the lack of medical training among most practitioners and the risk of dangerous allergic reactions to the treatment have raised concerns about BVT among the medical establishment.

I treat myself, but I started slowly and increased to make sure I would not have an adverse reaction. I used to order my Bee Venom products online from farms in New Zealand and Oregon but I have now found a local distributor. If you cannot find someone near to you I strongly suggest ordering from ANY of the farms in the Oregon area as they seem to have the most consistent products.

Bee venom therapy has now generated enough "buzz" (lol!) that Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., has begun a one-year preliminary study, funded by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, to research apitherapy as a potential treatment. In the end, researchers hope to settle the debate whether bee venom should be considered a serious treatment for MS.

I do not want to give anyone here false hope. I still have issues. I have little to no feeling in my hands. I still lose my balance. And I have days where I cannot follow any conversation. But I do want to give you hope! While Bee Venom is never going to “Cure” you, it sure might help you and that alone is a good reason to give it a try!


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