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Looking for Something to Read…..

Looking for Something to Read…..
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Super Bowl XLIII Champions Homecoming Parade
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The 7 Words You Cannot Say in America
Our Father... (Go Steelers).....
Open Letter to The President Elect Barrack Hussein Obama
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Why You’re Not Happy
Winter in PA
Wine Guide
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Too True, Too Often
I Will Be Here
Always Remember
I Am Your Friend
The Gor/Gorean Lifestyle
Words of Encouragement
Too Long of A Survey Not to Post on a Blog
Tag You're It!!!
Pink Panties
One Day by Hannah Roberts
Unless Thou Can Play, Thou Will Be Played!
Love vs Lust (Dr.Drew)
Everlasting Love: How Do You Know If It's for Real?
"I Love You” - How Soon Is Too Soon?
Wicca / Witchcraft
True Friendship
Degrees of Being Blonde
You Know You Are a Girl Who Grew Up in the ‘80s If...
The Law of Attraction
Dragon Poem
Yorkshire Pudding
Strange Facts
Erotic Poetry - Little Death's Like These - My Fave Poem
Penn State Study finds Wal-Mart Contributes to Poverty

You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol
Apologize by One Republic
Wait for You by Elliot Yamin
One More Night by Phil Collins
Bad Day by Fuel
My Immortal by Evanescence
Over You by Chris Daughtry
SomeDay by Nickelback
Last Time by Anthony Stewart Head
Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy
YOU by Evanescence
Call Me When You're Sober by Evanescence
Let Me Be The One by Blessed Union of Souls
Somebody by Depeche Mode
California Love
Party Like a Rockstar
Lips of an Angel by Hinder

Body Language
Understanding body language – Tells
Understanding body language - Gesture types
Understanding body language - Proxemic communication
Understanding body language - Kinesic communication
Understanding body language - Haptic communication
Understanding body language - Mehrabian's communication study
Understanding body language - Reading non-verbals
Understanding body language - Uses of non-verbal communication

I Love U 2 Tom, Thanks!
MySpace Must be Hungry!!!

Week 51
Week 50
Week 49
Week 48
Week 47

Group Blogging Experience (GBE)
Love, Romance, or Both?
Who Inspires You?
Good vs. Evil


A*New*Day (A*N*D)
Open Relationships
First Love/First Lust
Why are women taught to be passive, while men are taught to be aggressive?

Multiple Sclerosis
New pill may treat Multiple Sclerosis
House [sic] - Mild Violence
Lifting Stem Cell Funding Restrictions By Executive Order Is Inadequate
New MS Drug Released
Immune molecule may reduce severity of multiple sclerosis
Virus link offers hope of vaccine for multiple sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis MS Linked to Zinc
Autoimmune Diseases
Famous People with MS
Multiple Sclerosis MS What They Wont Tell You
What is BiPolar?
MS is Fatal (Regardless of the NMSS Opinion)
Topiramate (Topamax)
Awareness Jewelry Colors and Meanings
Apitherapy / Bee Venom Therapy
MS Affects Brain Beyond Lesion Areas
MS Rate Higher in Twins Farther From Equator
Living With MS: Are you a Victim or a Victor?
Will Study Reveal Value of MS Drugs?
Environment Factors and Lifestyle Increasing MS?
MS More Likely From Father Than Mother
Tysabri (TIE-SAB-REE)
Bipolar Glossary
Bipolar Symptoms (Mania/Depression)
Types of Bipolar Disorder/Borderline Personality Disorder
What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Is This the Beginning of the End?
Characteristics of the AntiChrist
The 7 signs
Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Oaksterdam University
Marijuana Inc.
Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
The Unborn (2009)
An American Carol (2008)
Sicko (2007)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
The Wrestler (2008)
Searching 4 Michael Murphy (My Dad)

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My Twisted Snow White Story (Adult Content)

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