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ZenKid Car Kick Mat #zenkidcarkickmat

ZenKid Car Kick Mat #zenkidcarkickmatWe just acquired a new "car" (I added the quotation marks because if you view the inside it is obvious the this is a pile of metal being held together by bubble gum and bondo and being propelled by a wing and a prayer, lol!). Just about anything covering up the exposed wiring and faded leather is a godsend!

I have to say that the ZenKid Car Kick Mat adds some real class to the car. It makes me really believe that one day this vehicle might be safe enough to put my great, great, great grandkids in it (or something...) if I live that long, lol! I def wouldn't put my grandson in it today, but his toys can come along for the ride in my ZenKid Car Kick Mat!

ZenKid Car Kick Mat #zenkidcarkickmatI received a complimentary ZenKid Car Kick Mat to try out and share my opinion about and I believe it stands up to the beating of a big family, multiple animals, and destructive kids. It is apparent it does all it claims and more and I would highly recommend it!

ZenKid Car Kick Mat #zenkidcarkickmatHere are some things I LoVe about ZenKid Car Kick Mats:

  • - they are really simple to install
  • - they come in a two pack so they will cover both seats
  • - they are really durable
  • - water resistant fabric
  • - so easy to clean (most the time a damp cloth is all you need!)
  • - great fit
  • - machine washable
  • - storage pocket holds toys (or tools)

ZenKid Car Kick Mat #zenkidcarkickmatZenKid Car KickMats Will Protect Your Seats From Getting Ruined By Dirt and Scuff Marks!

Are your seats always getting dirt, mud and scuff marks from your kids shoes that are a pain to remove? If you do, it's ok because kids will be kids and ZenKid Car Kick Mat's have a perfect solution for you!

ZenKid's developed a Car KickMat that will protect your seats and prevent any damage that you may endure from those dirty, muddy feet. You won't have to spend your time slaving away by cleaning those stains or spend your money on constant interior car washes.

Their Kick Mats are cleverly designed and are made EXTRA LARGE (23.5 X 18 inches) to protect those seats fully. In addition they added a valuable bonus to the Kick Mats by putting in an organizer pocket so your kids can store your kids goodies instead of them being on the floor! Clutter can now be safely stored within the storage pocket. How cool is that?


  • - Very Easy To Install
  • - Comes In a 2 Pack To Cover Both Seats
  • - Made With Durable, Long Lasting Water Resistant Fabric
  • - Made Extra Large To Fit Most Vehicle Seats- Easy To Clean With a Wipe or Machine Wash- Storage/Organizer Pocket For Your Kids Goodies


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