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Yes I Can 2012 - Glenn Beck - Presidential Tickets of 2012

Yes I Can 2012
Glenn Beck for President 2012
Presidential Tickets of 2012

Glenn Beck for PresidentIs Glenn Beck looking at a run for president in 2012? I doubt it, but some of his current behavior could be seen as a market test for America’s opinion on the subject. After a successful turnout at his 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally and a successful run for many Tea Party candidates, for which he has been the face of the movement, in the November elections it is not impossible Glenn Beck would let the thought cross his mind.

For me "Yes I Can" sounds like a campaign slogan, but I am sure this was not the original intention. We have had TV personalities run in the past, and even had an actor as president not so long ago. I am not implying it is a good or bad idea, only that it is an idea. Would you vote for Glenn Beck? Look around, I am sure we could do worse.

Who do you like for the 2012 Presidential Elections?
Do you think Glenn Beck will ever run for office?
What is a Good Campaign Slogan for 2012?

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