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Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum #YalmehVitaminCSerum

Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum 20%Everyone knows that Yalmeh is the leader in natural anti aging skin care, but now they offer a product for face and neck that harnesses the power of liquid vitamin C! This vitamin C anti aging serum is safe and effective. The Yalmeh team is dedicated to producing products that consistently exceed the expectations of each and every customer who tries them. The vitamin C serum is no exception.

Vitamin C TonerWhat are the benefits of choosing Yalmeh products?

  • Made with mostly plant based ingredients
  • Pure product, made with no fillers
  • Free of Glutens
  • Vegan friendly
  • Proudly made in  U.S.A. in an FDA Registered Facility
  • Yalmeh uses only quality ingredients.

I love all of my Yalmeh products! They take such care in what they do that it is really easy to trust them. My current fave is their Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum, probably because it is so useful! I wasn't sure what to  expect from this product, but it ended up having a lot to offer;

Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum 20%- The Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum makes my skin really, really, really soft because it contains the highest form of active available Vitamin C and E as well as hyaluronic acid to encourage softness.

- My skintone has evened out with Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum because it fades sun spots and discoloration.

- I LoVe getting carded all the time because now with the reduction of lines and wrinkles, including micro wrinkles, on my face and neck Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum has made me look years younger! I'm confident it will help to prevent wrinkle formation in the future.

Even though my first contact with Yalmeh products was through a sample I loved it so much I agreed to write a review about it. In fact, I love their products so mu that I will be a life-long cusomer now. The best thing about Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum is that does not just make improvement, it also defends your beauty against time! This combination of health and beauty is unstoppable!


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