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Apple Watch Accessory Combo #xindinc

Apple Watch Accessories Combo
Dock Stand Plus 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (38 and 42 mm) Models
An Elegant Solution for Men and Women
Money-Back Guarantee

Apple Watch Accessory Combo #xindincThe Apple Watch Accessory Combo is one of the best products I have ever reviewed on my blog (next to the android Smart Watch seen in the video). I love how versatile the stand is, and how well made the stand appears. As sleek and elegant as the stand appears, it is quite rugged and sturdy.

Not only would I use the Apple Watch Accessory Combo, I would use it with confidence! I feel safer resting my watch on this stand then just throwing it on my nightstand, you never know what's gonna happen!

I received my Apple Watch Accessory Combo in exchange for sharing my honest opinions about it in a review. I think it is a wonderful product and I would highly recommend it.

Apple Watch Accessory Combo #xindincThis Apple Watch Accessory Combo gives you a high quality, tempered-glass screen protector along with a stand that helps you easily charge your watch and keeps it out of harm’s way.

If you're determined to keep your Apple Watch in tip-top shape you can stop searching for a solution that gives you the screen protection you need while at the same time providing an easy, convenient, elegant way to charge your watch,  this watch can do it all!

With a work of art like the Apple Watch, you don’t want to just plug it in, set it on the nightstand and hope for the best. One wrong move or accidental spill could cost you dearly, and since it needs to be charged every day or so, why not put it on a pedestal that looks great while guaranteeing a stable charging connection.

Apple Watch Accessory Combo #xindincIn addition to the sleek apple watch stand, the Apple Watch Accessory Combo also includes two tempered glass screen protectors. One protector will fit 38 mm models and one will fit 42, so you’re covered no matter what. Plus, they’re a snap to install and won’t affect the touch sensitivity of your watch.

Not only does the screen protector serve to keep dust, dirt and other outside particles from damaging your watch face, you don’t sacrifice any viewing resolution or quality when you put the protector in place. The tempered glass is fingerprint resistant, and it feels much more natural than a typical plastic when tapping and swiping.

With the Apple Watch Stand preventing scuffing of your metal or metal-accented band as well as keeping it up and away from spills, and the screen protector maintaining the pristine face of your watch, you can expect your unit to wear easily and last longer than it would otherwise.

Apple Watch Accessory Combo #xindinc


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