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Win a FREE Federweißer Making Kit from Spike Your Juice! (Exp 11/01)

October 21, 2011


Spike Your JuiceExpires: 11-01-2011  

Win a FREE Federweißer Making Kit from Spike Your Juice!  

Do you like the taste of alcohol? Not everyone does. Over the years I have learned what I do and don't like, but it's hard to know what to buy when I want to have a party that is going to serve more then cheese and wine. And even if it is just a wine tasting it still would be nice to change things up a bit, but who can afford anything "special" in this economy? Certainly not a girl on a budget and that seems to always be my story! lol!

Luckily this really cool company has developed a new product that is going to solve all your boring dinner party problems, unique gift giving dilemmas, provide you with a really yummy alcoholic beverage, and do it all for less then what you probably already spend on a case of so-so tasting beer on poker night! Sounds impossible, I know, trust me I didn't believe it either, and I definitely had my doubts during the "science project" portion of my experiment with this stuff, but Spike Your Juice is really incredible!

If you like fruit juice you are going to adore Spike Your Juice! Just make sure you use the labels (included) to mark your hooch, you wouldn't want the lil' ones sippin' on this bottle! Spike Your Juice makes just about any juice into a refreshing and yummy alcoholic beverage, appropriate for you and your friends over 21!

Spike Your Juice was developed by a group of Europeans living in California. Having grown up near wine producing regions, they particularly craved a seasonal drink called “Federweißer”. This drink is only available from early September to late October during harvest time. The original Federweißer is known by many names, depending on what wine region of Germany, Austria or Italy you are in. Transportation of Federweißer over long distances is almost impossible due to the ongoing fermentation process inside the bottles. Thanks to Spike Your Juice you can now make your own sparkling beverage all year long at home.

The process is easy, just pour the packet into 64 ounces of juice, seal with the special airlock rubber stopper and wait 48 hours to drink. That’s it! I'll warn you, it looks pretty freaky at times along the way so don't panic! The longer you let it ferment the more potent the drink will become. The alcholic content can reach as high as 14%. You can expect your beverage to last up to several weeks after fermenting; similar to soda, it will lose its fizz over time so be sure to close it up tight!

Spike Your Juice

from DJ6ual and Spike Your Juice
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