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Hygiene is very important and sometimes being a busy mom it can be very hard to keep a close eye on our little ones when they need to get clean. Finally we have some help! Great for boys and girls the Soundz® Musical Hand Soap lets our precious little ones know exactly how long they should be scrubbing by playing a magical tune and reminding our dirty rascals how important hygiene is. Makes a great stocking stuffer, easter basket filler, or even birthday present! DJ6ual: An Irish Girl’s Blog would like o highly recommend this fantastic product for your family.

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Soap Soundz® Musical Hand Soap is a brand new product that is just starting to appear in major retailers.  It might look like an ordinary bottle of liquid hand soap....but when the user pushes the pump down, they are treated to a musical tune or message, emitted from the bottle, as they wash their hands.

The Hygiene Heroes line is targeted toward children and toddlers.  The fun music and message helps encourage kids to wash MORE and MORE OFTEN which ultimately leads to more healthy kids and households.  The music also acts as a timer, playing for 20 seconds, the minimum wash time for effective hand washing (CDC).

The Season Harmony line a decorative accent to kitchens and baths during various major holidays.  Right now we offer a Halloween, Memorial Day and Christmas version.  The music played is relevant to the particular holiday being celebrated.

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