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Will Charlie Sheen Get More of a Pass Than Tiger Woods?

Charlie Sheen was arrested.  Again.  He spent part of  Christmas in a Colorado clink for allegedly trying to choke his wife Brook Mueller.

Between basketball and NFL, I feel like I saw the Charlie Sheen/Michael Jordan Hanes commercial at least a dozen times on Christmas Day.  So while he was behind bars, he was still shilling underwear!  God bless America! 

Charlie Sheen’s troubled life has played out in the press over many years now.  It’s been almost 20 years since he “accidentally” shot  Kelly Preston, his fiance’ at the time in the arm (unsurprisingly, the relationship ended soon after).

Sheen always seems to wind up getting a pass, and I don’t think it will be much different here.  I think in the end, and sooner, rather than later, he’ll get more of  pass with themedia and the American public than Tiger Woods is going to get.

These are just some quick Christmas time thoughts, but if it it works out that he gets more of a pass than Tiger Woods it a.) won’t surprise me at all and b.) isn’t fair (yes, I know nobody ever said life is fair!).

Why won’t I be surprised if Sheen gets a pass where Tiger doesn’t?  Because Sheen is like a real life Hank Moody from Californication.  He’s got the lovable rogue thing down in spades.  Where Woods comes off surly and aloof, Sheen is charming and likable. Some will say it’s because Tiger is much more famous than Sheen, and I think Woods is more famous, both in the USA and throughout the world, but still think Woods’ getting more scrutiny is more a result of his surly and aloof image than his fame.

It’s perfectly natural to like people who are charming and likable more than people who are surly and aloof!   While it’s fair to like Sheen more as a result, it’s not fair to give him more of a pass.  Why?  Well, if the allegations against Woods are all true, what he did was sleazy (and apparently sleazy over and over and over and over again), but not illegal.     If the allegations against Sheen prove true, trying to choke a person is definitely illegal.

What does that say about us if we are willing to cut more slack to someone who allegedly tried to wring his wife’s neck simply because in general the person is more likable?  It probably speaks more to simple human nature than anything else.    But as with Tiger Woods, in the end, money will prevail.  Hanes might pull the Sheen spots, but there’s no chance CBS is going to cancel Two and Half Men over this.

Source: TV by the Numbers

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