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Why is This Repub. Hopeful in Duckie PJ’s Next to a Near-Naked Blonde?

October 16, 2010

We can’t really explain — although we’ll try later — why this man is in duckie pajamas next to a scantly-clad woman, but we can tell you exactly who he is.

Meet Blake Farenthold, a Republican U.S. congressional candidate from Texas’s 27th district. He’s a businessman and radio host who believes in “faith, family, hard work, and limited government.” He has a wife and two daughters. And apparently a thing for pajama parties.

Now that you know the who, here’s the why.

According to the magazine We The People, the cover of which features the pajama-clad Farenthold, the picture was taken at a fundraiser called “Tellie’s Pajama Party.” The originals*, which the mag claims are not photoshopped, are posted on the website, which calls itself “Corpus Christi’s Entertainment News.“ The ”girls” are apparently dispatched to different events to promote the site, and “Tellie’s“ is said to have been an ”annual Pajama/Lingerie Party for Charity.”

Not surprisingly, Farenthold’s Democratic opponent, incumbent Rep. Solomon Ortiz, is hoping to capitalize on Farenthold’s cover boy status:

(H/T: TPM)

The pagama party could be the ammunition Ortiz needs to fend off Farenthold. The NRCC lists Farenthold as a “contender” on its website, and Farenthold’s own site boasts a blog post titled “Blake Number 26 in Top 50 Tea Party Election Races.” The blog, though, features only the headline and no explanation.

Farenthold, however, won’t go down without a fight. Delivering what he hopes will be a knock out blow to Ortiz, Farenthold recently launched the successful “chicken campaign.”

Claiming that the congressman was avoiding a debate, Farenthold called on constituents to send Ortiz rubber chickens until he acquiesced and agreed to one. Or agreed to one and actually showed up, which Fahrenthold’s camps says has been a problem. If Ortiz dodged another debate, Farenthold threatened to still hold one, but with a stand in: Congressman Chicken, a life-sized replica of Ortiz in a chicken costume.

It worked. Ortiz has agreed to a debate on October 26th. With a story such as this, chicken-costume black mail actually working shouldn’t be surprising.

*(The originals claim to be from 12/28/09, although added on 5/12/09, and were taken at a charity event. The story has been updated to reflect the event’s charity claim.)


According to other photos of the event on, fundraising may have included the following:

A link provided on the Facebook page provides some more information on the event:

Aria Sky Terrace and Lounge presents the 3rd Annual Lingerie/Pajama Birthday Bash of Tellie Willingham Jr. and this year’s co-host, Gina Holley, on Friday, Dec. 4th. Tellie has done this event for the last 8 years in various cities, such as Denver, Colorado, and Naples, Italy. Proceeds from every party benefit four of his selected non-profit organizations. This year, they include: The American Heart Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters Of South Texas, The Gulf Coast Humane Society, and The Women’s Shelter Of South Texas. [Emphasis added]

Musical guests: Lyrical Bynge

Host emcee: Gino Montalvo (of C-101)

20 % off Lingerie and loungewear – sponsored by Gigi’s Intimate Apparrel, located in the Water Street Shops next to The Oyster Bar.

Special VIP tables with bottle service available!

Food, plus Door prizes throughout the night!

Dress code strictly enforced! Sleepwear only!

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