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What Service Should You Use to File Your Taxes (Tax Return)

With all these new tax preparation places out there it can be confusing where to turn. The smart thing seems to be to stay with a well known name that has been around a long time but that can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. The bottom line is that if you need a tax professional who is going to do the job right and get you back the most they can on your return at a fast pace you have to turn to a reliable mom and pop operation, but how in the world are you going to find an honest place like that in this economy? Right here!

Some tax returns are simple and others are complicated, but all returns need to be done right. Mistakes can not only cost you money, but sometimes leave you facing jail time and that is why TRUST is so important this time of year. Why people go to big corperations who treat them like a number never makes sense to me. Taxes are more personal to me then a first date, and that is why Sue The Tax Lady is the only person I trust to file my returns.

Sue The Tax Lady was born to do taxes, quite literally, because her birthday is April 15th, lol! Her company, Tax Lady DIY, helps people, small businesses, and large companies maximize their deductions and get back the maximum amount they deserve or pay the least amount they can owe. When you file with Sue The Tax Lady she treats you like you are her number one customer every time. Not just a please, thank you, and a smile, but with real answers to your hard questions so you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

You can file online, by e-mail, on the phone, by fax, or come into their office. I have used their service for years and I use a variety of services mixed together to get the job done. I just let Sue The Tax Lady know when I get my return and send her all my information and she seems to have things done before I can even think to call her with my first question. Everything is well documented and professionally handled.

The first time I used Sue The Tax Lady was when we were going through an IRS Audit. This year there is supposed to be an increase in IRS Audit's and that is scaring a lot of people. When we went through ours Sue The Tax Lady stood by us every step of the way, reviewed all of our documents, and even found us more money! I don't know of many people who come out of an Audit ahead of the game, but Sue The Tax Lady made it happen! Now my situation is not typical, but is shows how dedicated Sue The Tax Lady really is to her job. I really want to encourage people to use this service this year. Don't take a chance with these corporations, it just isn't worth it.

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