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Welcome to the WikiLeaks Circus - Presented by Julian Assange

Michael MooreDoes anyone else find it suspicious that shortly after finishing his new film "Ctrl+Alt+WikiLeaks", Michael Moore is now bailing Julian Assange out of jail as well as offering up money servers, domains, and support to keep WikiLeaks alive?

Now I stand on the side of Ron Paul as far as Julian Assange is concerned. My point here is more the self serving interests of Michael Moore. I am disappointed Michael. I have been a pretty big supporter of his for a while even though I don't agree with him 100%, but this just seems above and beyond even for him.

Julian AssangeJulian Assange was being held in a London prison while his lawyer battles an extradition order that has been issued for him to return to Sweden based on sex charges. He will be released tonight pending a Jan. 11th court date.

Further conditions include the surrender of his passport, a 10pm curfew, and a daily police check in. Julian Assange's lawyer dubted that even if the prosecution declined to appeal that he would not be released as scheduled. Michael Moore and another party paid over $20k in bail money as part of Julian Assange's release.

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