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Show your support, get out and VOTE! #Walker2016

Scott Walker 2016 Presidential Logo Mens ShirtI am so pumped for the 2016 presidential campaign! Aren't you? The drama is on a whole new level! I have my favorites, and I am sure you do too, but I'm kinda curious about this Walker guy.

Scott Kevin Walker is the 45th Governor of Wisconsin He's obviously doing a good job because he's been doing it since 2011. The reason we are gonna talk about him today though is because he is a candidate for the Republican Party's nomination to the 2016 presidential election.

I received some Walker swag this week so I'll try to be nice going forward. It didn't come from the Walker camp, but from a veteran owned company AW Fashions. They hooked me up in return for telling everyone what I honestly thought of their products. I honestly think they make the most comfortable T-shirts on earth!

Scott Walker 2016 Presidential Logo Mens ShirtWisconsin governor and vanilla pudding made flesh Scott Walker is going through a bit of a slump in his campaign for the White House. After a debate performance that had all the pop and energy of a funeral, Walker’s poll numbers took a dive, both nationally and in Iowa. Then he alienated fiscal conservatives and Tea Party types by signing off on a new taxpayer-funded stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks. Walker needs something new and exciting to drag him out of this rut, so this week he’s going to try to recapture the affections of his party by taking direct aim at the one thing conservatives and Republicans hate most: Obamacare.

While Mr. Walker will not be receiving a vote from me, this high quality comfortable shirt that AW Fashions sent me sure will! 

These tee shirts would be wonderful for a Tea Party rally, Republican GOP Presidential debate, a Gleen Beck event, or just to show your support around town! The shirts are lite weight, super soft, and thin. The shirt is made of sweat wicking material making it perfect for crossfit, hiking, running, the gym, cycling, surfing, and beach! They are the optimal athletic apparel for both men and women.

Support America and Don't Tread on Me with Constitution Conservative Patriotic shirts!

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