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#vumos Travel Bottle set

Vumos Travel Bottle SetI used to travel a lot, but I hate the TSA and their Unconstitutional RULE BOOK, and so I tend to avoid long distance journeys as I age. I just don't want the hassle! A few months ago my family suggested I go and visit some of my aging relatives across the country. With my failing health, I have Multiple Sclerosis; buses, trains, and automobiles were out of the question. I was going to be stuck flying the airways at least one more time before my own time arrived! Ugh!

Vumos TravelSet of Bottles in a Clear BagMaking my way thru the TSA checkpoints became very important to me. I knew I had important items that needed to travel along with me, because I wasn't checking a bag, so whatever I took to hold my essentials had to pass the TSA Regulations. I picked up a travel bag at the thrift shop to use as my carry-on and I was provided a Vumos Travel Bottle Set for free in exchange for sharing my honest opinion with others.

When my Vumos Travel Bottle Set arrived it had a varied selection of travel bottles designed to hold a variety of toiletries. It is smooth and nice to touch, made of tough silicone that's been designed to last, I didn't have to worry about it when it went thru the TSA machines.

TSA limit for travel bottles is 3.2oz, but it changes frequently. The Vumos Travel Bottle Set comes with bottles that allow you to store up to 3 ounces (89ml) of shampoo, body lotion, soap, or one of your favorite face or body creams! There was even enough room for me to take a sample of my homemade lotion to my cousins in the bag!

In the end my trip was a huge success! In most part that was due to my Vumos Travel Bottle Set. On my return trip home one of the careless TSA Agents, that was irritated with me for refusing to be cooked in their mega-microwaves, crushed my bag as it sputtered agonizingly thru the conveyer. I just knew everything would be ruined!

Thanks to the leakproof design of my Vumos Travel Bottle Set there was no mess in my carryon, in fact the bottles hadn't leaked, cracked, or spilled in any way! Before leaving my Home Health Care Aid used the easy-to-use labels on the bottles to pack thing up, but it also made unpacking a breeze as well!

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