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Twitter Quitters

Stop following me: Celebs turn their backs on Twitter.

Twitter and other social media sites are hyped as the best self promotional tools around. But, is the trend turning?

Goodbye? Chris Brown sent a cryptic goodbye. The resignation followed a flurry of angry Tweets. Watch a Conan O'Brien tribute to Brown quitting Twitter.

Miley Cyrus: The teen sensation quit Twitter perhaps to please a special someone. Miley also did a rap that went viral about her decision to quit.

Lily Allen: The British pop star quit Twitter and a whole lot else in September. Her Tweet signoff linked the quitting trend to an ancient philosophy. How many folks still follow Allen on Twitter?

Yet another neo-luddite: Selena Gomez was a YouTube devotee, but after this happened, she pulled a Lily Allen and quit the Internet. Does Miley Cyrus fit into this mess?

Twitter King: Ashton Kutcher threatened to quit Twitter after this news.

CelQuitters: All these celebrities abandoned Twitter. Which quitter is responsible for Twitter's first libel suit?

Users: These politicians faded off Twitter when their campaigns ended.

What percentage of Twitter users quit after one month?

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