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TROJAN Vibrating Mini Personal Massager

For all the pleasure seekers out there who have been looking to get ‘down’ and ‘under’……but have not been warming up to it for some odd reason, here’s a ready solution!

Hail the new toy from the popular sex – stable of TROJAN, called the Vibrating Mini Personal Massager!

Trojan Touch & MiniThis newly minted miniature sex enhancer from TROJAN has already created a sensation of sorts worldwide and has won heady acclaim from women and men alike. Quite belying its miniature size, this ‘pleasure –mini’ sure packs a heavy punch and promises to ‘switch –on’ unwilling or reluctant sex partners and heighten their sex drive by a fair few notches with its soothing yet erotic massage.

With a promise to bring back the excitement in your sex –life this ‘miniature –dynamo’ from TROJAN is super efficient and convenient to carry and can further be used by both the sexes.

The brand new Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Mini Personal Massager is even smaller than its predecessor, Trojan Vibrating Touch, and yet this new enhancer provides equally thrilling sensations to help create big pleasure. Quiet and discreet, this mini massager is soft and comfortable to the touch plus it’s waterproof and easy to clean. Use as often as you like—the batteries can be replaced. This new Trojan Mini Vibrator is reusable and with a new pair of batteries can last up to 50 minutes which is about 20 minutes longer than the very popular TrojanVibrating Touch.

It further comes with a trendy storage pouch and a free Her Pleasure Condom.

The experts have already given their thumbs to this new pleasure toy and further reckon that this mini vibrating personal massager will go a long way in boosting your sexual performance and satisfying your partner’s darkest fantasies. Using a personal massager to enhance your sex life brings many benefits and research shows that vibrator users:

Take a lesser time for an orgasm

Boost a heightened sex drive and interest

Achieve higher arousal levels

And realize a highly satisfying sexual performance.

A definitive must –have for all you sex maniacs!

So….go sample folks!

Source:  Trojan

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