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Ultimitt Self Tanning Applicator #thermalabs

Thermalabs the Ultimitt Self Tanning ApplicatorThermalabs the Ultimitt Self Tanning Applicator

Get The Perfect Self Ten Using The Ultimate Tanning Mitt!!!

Researchers at Thermalabs production center have discovered a revolutionary NEW method to apply self-tanning lotion. Thermalabs research department has now developed a product that will solve the problems associated with other self-tanning mitts. The extensive research and efforts have culminated in a NEW product, called the 'Ultimitt'. 

Thermalabs the Ultimitt Self Tanning ApplicatorThe premium Ultimitt is a better self-tanning mitt because;

  • - the Ultimitt is made with high quality microfiber
  • - the Ultimitt comes with a cute little bag so I can carry it with me when I travel without staining my clothes
  • - the Ultimitt is BIGGER than ALL other self-tanning mitts (easy fit and protects your palms from stains)
  • - the Ultimitt does not fall apart or crack
  • - the Ultimitt doesn't stretch, rip or break
  • - the Ultimitt is easily washable

Thermalabs the Ultimitt Self Tanning ApplicatorWorks best with Natural Self Tanner from Thermalabs!

Remember that it is never "too early" to begin shopping for the holidays! Thermalabs Ultimitt Self Tanning Mitts make a SUPERB Christmas Gift for the beautiful ladies in your life! The could also make an exciting stocking stuffer!

I wasn't lucky enough to receive my Thermalabs Ultimitt from someone I love, but it was complimentary in exchange for my opinion. I believe that the Thermalabs Ultimitt lives up to all of their claims and would recommend the product!



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