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The Washington Monument Ploy (aka The Tactic For The Weak-Minded)


Progressives are in a full court press to convince Americans that anyone who is running on fiscal responsibility or cutting government spending is radical or racist or cold-hearted or...   Meh, whatever.

Police stations will be shut down, fire fighters will be laid-off, the dead will be lying in the streets, no toilet paper in schools, killers will be let out of prison, terrorists will be everywhere, the world will come to an end...   Meh, whatever.

Please...  More like the corrupt, progressive, big-government crowd can't stand to lose the goodies that they dangle in front of their voters.

 How did we ever get by without the Department of Energy?
How did we ever get by without the Department of Education?

 2007 Michigan Example:
In a New Low for Government Service, Michigan Threatens to Let the People Rot.

DHS Director Marianne Udow said the state must make a difficult decision: cut money for food banks and homeless shelters for the living or cut money for burials for the dead.

"It's a terrible choice to have to make," Udow said.

The same state that two weeks ago was planning to spend $38 million on iPods for schoolchildren now says it can't afford to bury the dead.
Another from Michigan:
The school system in Detroit is the author of the most outrageous Washington Monument ploy of the new year: they announced that budget cuts have forced them to beg parents of Detroit schoolchildren to buy toilet paper for the city schools. Of course, toilet paper is undoubtedly plentiful at City Hall, and it is probably plentiful in the school system too. The announcement of a toilet paper shortage is a publicity stunt designed to force politicians to give the school system more money.
2008 Examples:
Governors in Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Washington State have already used the Washington Monument ploy to varying degrees in 2008.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) threatened to close 12 historic sites and seven state parks (saving $2 million) as his way of reducing a $2 billion shortfall.

Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) urged voters to pass a state-operated slot machine initiative, warning that if it didn’t pass Maryland would have to cut funding for care of the disabled, reduce hours at the Baltimore Zoo, eliminate helicopter search-and-rescue efforts, and fire 283 police officers.

Gov. Ted Strickland (D-OH) has talked about closing six prisons and ceasing nursing home inspections, and Gov. Chris Gregoire (D-WA) has warned about massive program curtailments even though the budget is still a 1-percent increase over the previous budget.

All are classic examples of the "Washington Monument ploy", which takes its name from a time the Department of Interior was threatened with a funding reduction, and responded by claiming it would have no choice but to cut tour hours at the Washington Monument.

GASP !!!!!!!  STOP !!!!!!!

Americans are seeing this ruse for what it really is - a union-backed and progressive taxpayer shakedown designed to make sure that budgets won't be cut and funding will perpetually increase.

Government continually grows and from thence everything flows.

The progressive mind...  A terrible thing to have.

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