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Taco Bell throws hat in weight loss ring with “Drive Thru Diet”

BeautyGeek Taco Bell Launches the Drive Thru Diet: Look out Jared. There’s another fast-food diet sheriff in town. (read more)  Taco Bell is pushin a drive-thru diet via their fresco menu? That’s marketing genius! If only somebody (Subway) woulda thought of this b4!  Think Jared from Subway is probably talking to his lawyers!

Taco Bell is joining the flurry of restaurants and food brands that peddle easy weight loss with the simple caveat that you pretty much get everything you eat from them.

Everyone’s favorite munchies purveyor has followed Subway, Special K and unofficially Chipotle with a diet plan that’s as simple as hitting up the Bell at least twice a day and ordering a combination of items from the “Drive Thru Diet” staple “fresco menu” to add up to 1500 calories daily. (If you’ve never been on a diet before, they generally allow 1200-1500 calories a day for moderate weight loss, and you don’t have to get them all from Taco Bell.) The “7 incredible choices” include fresco version of popular menu items like bean burritos, chicken soft tacos, and burrito supremes, and tells the story of a woman named Christine while urging visitors to make a “frescolution.”

Luckily for Taco Bell, the items on their menu are arguably tastier and marginally more flexible than Subway’s offerings. And whomever is manning the Taco Bell Twitter account has a good sense of humor about the inevitable crtiticism being tweeted at them.

Taco Bell is promoting the new diet with a coupon for a free Fresco taco. But fans be warned. Apparently, fresco is Spanish for “no sour cream.”

Source: Inquisitor

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