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- Ping-o-Matic - Pings up to 26 different web services.
- Pingler - Pings up to 92 different web services.
- Autopinger - Pings up to 44 different web services.
- PingMyBlog - Pings 68 different web services.
- Feed Shark - Pings 36 different web services.
- pingates - Pings 59 different web services.
- Ping.IN - Pings 42 different web services.
- Ping That Blog - Pings 110 different web services (one of my favorites).
- BlogBuzzer - Pings 36 different web services.
- Feed Ping - Pings over 100 services.
- PingGoat - Dead link currently, but check back later as someone may decide to bring it back as it was quite popular before it went down.

Feel free to leave both links to your favorite ping sites and links to your personal web pages or blogs to increase your backlinks search engine rating. If you have a site that directly relates to politics or Fighting New World Order please make a note of it so I can feature your link more promenatly withinn the site.

Thanks and Good Luck!

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