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Party On with #SpikerLifestyleHolder

Spikeer Lifestyle Holder, Spike It!SPIKER LIFESTYLE HOLDER

It's funny how such a small thing can make your life so much easier. Having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has led to Neuropathy in my hands, It makes it incredibly difficult to balance a drink, keys, a cellphone, and whatever else I'm fumbling with without a table to set everything down on. Unfortunately, tables are a luxury when you are in the woods, at the river, kickin' back at the lake, or tanning at the beach!

Spiker Lifestyle Holder, Spike It!My Spiker Lifestyle Holder is a very simple product for a common everyday problem. Where do I set down my stuff? No matter where I am outside if there is dirt or sand I can spike my Spiker Lifestyle Holder into the ground, right next to my folding chair, and problem solved!

Spik Lifestyle Holder, Spike It!Just Spike It, fits right next to your beach chair or towel. It goes directly into the sand to hold your drink, snack, glasses, cell phone, sun screen, lip balm or anything you want easily available within reach & sand-free!

Use it at the Beach, River or Lake.

* Family Owned * American Made * Great Gift Idea *

Spiker Lifestyle Holder, Spike It!


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