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Snug Pet #feedingmat

Snug Pet Feeding Mat I love my doggies, but they make a HUGE mess when they eat! I have taken advice from all over the web, such as; switching bowls, feeding them outdoors, raising the food, changing food types, even special training courses! NOTHING has worked!

One day I received, as I often do, a product to review in exchange for my honest opinion. It was the Snug Pet Feeding Mat!

The Snug Pet Feeding Mat has a raised lip to catch food and water spills to keep your floor clean, and really does KEEP YOUR FLOOR CLEAN!

It is made from food safe premium grade silicone that is non toxic and non allergenic which gives it a slick and sleek feel that my cats keep trying to lay on. The dogs are not havin' that, lol! The silicone material, raised bump design and lip edge act together to stop feeding bowls being pushed around the room no matter how good dinner is!

The fact that the Snug Pet Feeding Mat is dishwasher safe, flexible and waterproof so it can be rinsed under the tap makes it perfect for my house because I'm going to be the one who has to clean it, and if it is up to me it has to be fast and easy.

Snug even offers lifetime support through the dedicated brand website and provides a no quibble 10 year warranty! You can't bark at that!


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