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Keep Your #HomeFresh w Simply Earth Natural Air & Fabric Refresher

Keep Your #HomeFresh w Simply Earth Natural Air & Fabric RefresherI live in a zoo, and it SMELLS like one too! LOL!

It sounds like a joke, but I have; two BIG dogs, three cats (females, always in heat), a teenage boy, a tween boy, two grown men, and whatever random strays (animal and human) that wander thru my home with or without notice living with me! It is no wonder that my house smells worse than the Elephant Pen at the Pittsburgh Zoo!

It wasn't until Simply Earth sent me a complimentary sample of their Natural Air & Fabric Refresher in exchange for sharing my results that I found hope. I agreed to share my opinion of Simply Earth Natural Air & Fabric Refresher and let me tell you...

...after NOTHING ELSE WORKED it turned the scent of my home from, what can only be described as an odor worse then the Steelers Locker Room, into the Spring Gardens!

Keep Your #HomeFresh w Simply Earth Natural Air & Fabric RefresherNot only would I BUY and USE Simply Earth Natural Air & Fabric Refresher, I would recommend it to everyone I know!

The Simply Earth Natural Air & Fabric Refresher utilizes essential oils and natural deodorizer to keep your home smelling great!

I really love that it is an ALL Natural Odor Eliminator. This isn't just some marketing gimmick, Simply Earth gives back to help others with every purchase! I love doing business with companies that double as charitable organizations in some form or fashion.

I have a lot of animals, and I'm a mother of 13 (grandmother of 9!), so it means the world to me that Simply Earth has taken the time to make sure their product is Safe for the Whole Family! There is NO nasty chemicals, which means you don't have to worry about getting headaches or rashes.

Simply Earth uses proven science to eradicate the stench and keep your home smelling fresh! In a blind test, people chose Simply Earth Natural Air & Fabric Refresher over the competition every time!

Every ALL Natural 2.5oz bottle has OVER 400 sprays!

Simply Earth was originally founded under the name Amare Terra earlier this year. The company's main goal is rooted in seeking good rather than seeking profits. It's very important to Simply Earth to sell truly natural products and for every purchase people make, one month of clean water is provided for someone in need.


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