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Every Ordained Minister Needs Silicone Wedding Rings On-Hand #WDGRNGONEPKG3

Every Ordained Minister Needs Silicone Wedding Rings On-Hand #WDGRNGONEPKG3I became a legally ordained minister in 1991, shortly after the birth of my oldest son. At first it was a joke to me, as I was ordained one late eve following The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and into The Church of SPAM San Diego chapter. Later I learned The Church of SPAM is a fraction of The Universal Life Church (ULC).

ULC is the only denomination worldwide that opens its doors to all people. We welcome all who feel called to ministry to become ordained ministers by completing our free online ordination. This ordination is completely free and legal, and grants you all the rights and privileges afforded to an ordained minister. This includes the ability to perform legal wedding ceremonies, and call yourself a minister, rabbi, priest or pastor. Millions of people have become legally ordained ministers through the Universal Life Church all over the world.

Every Ordained Minister Needs Silicone Wedding Rings On-Hand #WDGRNGONEPKG3As I aged, and my children grew, I began to take my relationship with ULC seriously. Now, my relationship with The Church of SPAM didn't last, lol, but I found a place in a great church (ULC) because of the door they opened, so I thank them.

Since I began my journey with ULC, I have:

  • - I Perform Wedding Ceremonies
  • - I've Conducted Funerals and Memorials
  • - I've Performed Baptisms
  • - I've Overseen Communions
  • - I've Offered Rites of Passage
  • - I Often Make Hospice and Hospital Visitations
  • - I Offer Spiritual Counseling
  • - I've Lead a Faith Community
  • - and more!

Every Ordained Minister Needs Silicone Wedding Rings On-Hand #WDGRNGONEPKG3ULC offers a large variety of ministry supplies, at discounted prices, on their webpage. I can usually find everything I need there, however; one thing I don't have access to thru ULC is wedding rings. Unisex Silicone Wedding Rings from Steadfast Products are PERFECT for me! Having these on hand allow me to perform the ring section of a "traditional" wedding ceremony with all my clients, even those who can't afford (lost, forgot, misplaced, etc) rings.

Marketed as "mens" rings, these Silicone Wedding Rings from Steadfast Products can be worn and enjoyed by anyone at any age. They are also perfect for parents, because they won't catch on diapers! And perfect for food service workers, because they don't have stones that could loosen and fall into the food. It's also nice for those who work with food, because they are easier to wear while washing your hands then metal rings.

I happen to like them because I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and have to get frequent MRIs. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the protective covering surrounding the nerves of the central nervous system. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can reveal telltale scars (lesions) on the brain or spinal cord. There’s no single definitive test for MS. Diagnosis is based on symptoms, clinical evaluation, and a series of diagnostic tests to rule out other conditions. MRI is an important tool in diagnosing MS. It’s also used to monitor disease activity and progression.

Every Ordained Minister Needs Silicone Wedding Rings On-Hand #WDGRNGONEPKG3You cannot wear a metal (gold, silver, titanium, etc.) wedding ring in a MRI machine. The MRI field is so powerful that it can turn your ring into a magnet pulling heavy objects into you, thus harming you. It could also cause your metal ring to heat up causing burns and other wounds. Wearing a Silicone Wedding Ring from Steadfast Products eliminates this problem all-together.

I learned about Silicone Wedding Rings from Steadfast Products because they sent me a 5 Silicone Wedding Rings-Men's Sizes 8-12 sample to review. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Silicone Wedding Rings from Steadfast Products!

5 Silicone Wedding Rings-Men's Sizes 8-12

3 Reasons why this is the ring for you: 

SIZE: Men's Sizes 8,9,10,11 and 12 are all in the one package you get! Get the right size the first time! Who wants to first have to measure their finger, hope they got the measurements right, buy a ring, wait to get it, try it on, and then find out that it is too small or too big and then have to repeat the whole process? And on top of that also mail back the ring they got which was the wrong size? 95% of men will have the right ring for them in the package. Women usually have ring sizes 5-7, which are not in the package and therefore for most women the rings in the package will not fit. 

COMFORT: Smooth, without any large embossed or debossed logo or grooves that can irritate your finger. Your ring is about your commitment to your partner, not about our logo. Made of high grade silicone that flexes to fit your finger. 

SAFETY: Made of hypoallergenic silicone and unlike metal rings will open if ring catches, preventing damage to your finger. The ring is safe for your active lifestyle, whether spending time outdoors, lifting weights, rock climbing, working with power tools, doing electrical work, and other situations where a conventional metal ring is impractical or dangerous. 


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