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Rosie O'Donnell Opens Up About New Girlfriend On Radio Show

Rosie O'Donnell is speaking out about life with her new girlfriend, Tracy Kachtick-Anders, who just days ago, she confirmed she is dating.

"Did anybody hear I have a new girlfriend?" Rosie laughed on her "Rosie Radio" show on SIRIUS XM on Monday.The two were spotted by the paparazzi holding hands in Miami on December 29 and Rosie revealed the headlines her new relationship has generated were a surprise.

"I felt like Madonna for a moment. Truthfully I'm not really that kind of famous where people follow me," Rosie said.

When asked by Rosie's pal Jeanne Kopetic on the show what it felt like, Rosie said it was an unusual feeling to have so much attention on her relationship - attention that extended to bystanders in Miami following the couple and taking photos.

"Odd," Rosie said. "It's only happened to me when I've been with [Madonna] to tell you the truth... or when I went... to Tommy Mottola's wedding... because he married Talia, this huge star in Latin America and going into that wedding was like nothing that I have ever experienced before in my life."

"But aside from her [Madonna], everyone else I know who's famous doesn't really think they're as famous as they are, including me," Rosie continued. "I had no idea that it would be on CNN. Breaking news... It's odd for me...and quite odd for Tracy."

Rosie, who blogged over the holidays that she was happy in her new relationship, described Tracy, an artist and mother of six, as a "lovely, lovely, lovely person" on her show.

The radio host revealed the two have been dating since the fall and said they even discussed when their relationship would become public.

"I said, 'It's going to be weird when this is going to get out there," Rosie noted, before describing her relationship as "delicious. I love it all."

Having shared her relationship news publicly has been a relief the star said.

"Now I don't have to worry about not saying it for four hours a day," she added.

On Sunday, on her personal Web site, when asked if Tracy was ready for the attention, Rosie wrote, "fame is odd for all."

And it appears Rosie's children (she has six with ex-partner Kelli Carpenter) have already met Tracy's kids.

"11 kids at your house your 4 gf's 6 + Ellis?" a reader asked.

"yes," Rosie noted.

As previously reported on, Rosie finally opened up about her split with Kelli, her partner of 12 years, back in October.

"We have come to a point where we are seeing [if] what will make everyone happiest is maybe to not live together, but continue to parent," Rosie previously told Howard Stern for "The Howard Stern Show." "We have different styles of living. I'm very messy. She's very not."

"I thought you two we're going to make it," Howard's sidekick, Robin Quivers, said.

"I did too, honey," Rosie replied.

Source: OMG

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