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Ron Paul says People are Waking Up

Ron PaulFervent young followers wear his "revolution" T-shirts and chant his name as he steps to the podium of New England College: "Ron Paul, Ron Paul."

But the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman running a third campaign for the White House is having difficulty moving his fringe candidacy to more mainstream Republicans in a fractured primary battle.

Paul, 76, remains undaunted by that task and says his campaign is catching on with those suffering a crumbling economy and an ongoing war.

"People are waking up," Paul said in an interview following a speech here. "This economy is in shambles, and they are tired of being in a war that has lasted 10 years. They know printing money doesn't make you rich and they are coming around to the issues I have been talking about for years."

Considered a second-tier presidential candidate by analysts, Paul nevertheless passed an early test on organization when he took second in the Iowa Straw Poll this summer. Recent polls in New Hampshire, scheduled to hold the first presidential primary in February, show him hovering near 10 percent. (Continue reading this story).

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