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Roman Polanski Hearing Date Set

roman polanski court date set 5 1 10 kc Roman Polanski Hearing Date Set

A new development has been made in the long running Roman Polanski legal case. The Oscar winning director has been awaiting trail for his 1970’s sex offense charge, and finally a court date has been set. According to The Independent it will take place in California, which will be the director’s first time in the States in decades.

 Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said Judge Peter Espinoza will convene a hearing on the film director’s child sex case. This will be the first time the 32 year old charges will be processed through the U.S. judicial system since last month a state appeal court rejected Polanski’s bid to have it dismissed. The director is currently under house arrest in Switzerland, where he was apprehended last September.

Judge Epinoza has scheduled for an open hearing even though Polanski’s lawyers requested an in-chambers conference on the case. The director is accused of raping a 13 year old girl, supplying her with alcohol and drugs in the form of a Quaalude pill in 1977. Since then he’s been on the run from U.S. prosecution, which ended last fall with his surprise arrest. Since this is an open hearing we wonder if it will be made public, with camera’s in tow? They’ve done that with so many other high profile celebrity cases it wouldn’t be surprising if they decided to put Polanski in front of the camera for a change.

Source: Screen Cave

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