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Reid, Pelosi Plan ‘Fast Track’ for Lame-Duck DREAM Act Vote

Even before he secured a re-election victory last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised to bring up the controversial DREAM Act for a vote during the upcoming lame duck congressional session. The DREAM Act would grant legal citizen status to illegal immigrant students who enroll in American schools.

In recent days, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also signaled her support for a lame-duck vote on the DREAM Act, suggesting congressional Democrats may be feeling confident about its level of support on Capitol Hill, at least in the House of Representatives.

Now, according to Fox News, Reid is planning to “fast track” a vote on the DREAM Act, putting the immigration overhaul at the top of his lame duck to-do list:

News of Reid’s plan to push through a DREAM Act vote comes just days after a report was released revealing how the U.S. Department of Justice offered millions of taxpayer dollars to “compensate more than two dozen states, counties and cities for their costs of jailing illegal immigrants — even though those communities have adopted policies that obstruct immigration enforcement,” Fox reports.

The study, “Subsidizing Sanctuaries,” was released earlier this week by the Center for Immigration Studies.  Click here for more info.

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