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Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Conspiracy

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
A Scientific Breakthrough on Aging or a
New World Order Plot to Further their Eugenics Agenda

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are chemically-reactive molecules containing oxygen. ROS form as a natural byproduct of the normal metabolism of oxygen and have important roles in cell signaling. However, during times of environmental stress (e.g. UV or heat exposure), ROS levels can increase dramatically. This may result in significant damage to cell structures. This accumulates into a situation known as oxidative stress.

Your New World Order Illuminati Elites would lead you to believe that this increase in heat/uv rays is the cause of disease in humans all over the world, which may or may not be true, but the real issue is the push that "Man Made" Global Warming is the overall cause of an increase in this problem.

Cells are normally able to defend themselves against ROS damage with enzymes. The problem is with the addition of Chemtrails into our atmosphere our body cannot fight off the diseases of the past or future. With the elimination of vitamins and antioxidants from our diets (Codex Alimentarius) we would become completely dependant on "FDA Approved" Big Pharma meds to keep us in good health.

Indirect evidence suggests that free radicals and excited-state species play a key role in both normal biological function and in the pathogenesis of certain human diseases. For example, generation of activated species by inflammatory cells is a major microbiocidal mechanism and may also mediate important components of the inflammatory response. Activated processes may also be key components in the toxicity of many drugs, in aging, and in carcinogenesis. They may also figure in the etiology of certain ocular, neurological, and psychiatric diseases.

Reactive oxygen species are implicated in cellular activity to a variety of inflammatory responses including cardiovascular disease. They may also be involved in hearing impairment via cochlear damage induced by elevated sound levels, ototoxicity of drugs such as cisplatin, and in congenital deafness in both animals and humans.

Generally, harmful effects of reactive oxygen species on the cell are most often the damage of DNA, oxidations of polydesaturated fatty acids in lipids (lipid peroxidation), oxidations of amino acids in proteins, oxidatively inactivate specific enzymes by oxidation of co-factors

According to the Free-radical theory, oxidative damage initiated by reactive oxygen species is a major contributor to the functional decline that is characteristic of aging. While studies in invertebrate models indicate that animals genetically engineered to lack specific antioxidant enzymes (such as SOD) generally show a shortened lifespan (as one would expect from the theory), the converse, increasing the levels of antioxidant enzymes, has yielded inconsistent effects on lifespan (though some well-performed studies in Drosophila do show that lifespan can be increased by the overexpression of MnSOD or glutathione biosynthesizing enzymes). In mice, the story is somewhat similar. Deleting antioxidant enzymes generally yields shorter lifespan, though overexpression studies have not (with some recent exceptions), consistently extended lifespan.

Will the 12 families of the upper echelons become Vampires? Are we looking at the immortal existence of the Global Elites in the future? Will the NWO use the threat of Global Warming to spread auto-immune diseases from the past and future to us and our children?

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