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Protesters Attempt to Clog Wall Street #takewallstreet #occupywallstreet

September 22, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Days of RageProtesters Attempt to Clog Wall Street

In a small granite plaza a block from the New York Stock Exchange, a group of 20-somethings in flannel pajama pants and tie-dyed T-shirts are plotting the demise of Wall Street as we know it.

They have been there since Saturday, sleeping on cardboard boxes, eating pizza and take-out dinners that were paid for by donations to their cause. There are only about 200 of them left now, though they started out 1,500 strong.

Welcome to the headquarters of "Occupy Wall Street," a place where topless women stood Wednesday morning on the corner shouting "I can't afford a shirt!" while construction workers eagerly snapped photos on their phones. A small group of the protesters wound their way through the streets of lower Manhattan escorted by police officers, blaring bullhorns and chanting "Resist! Stand Up! There comes a time when the people rise up!"

What, exactly, they are protesting is somewhat unclear. When asked what they are fighting, they gave a variety of responses ranging from Wall Street to global warming. On its website, the group proclaims: "We, the people of the United States of America, considering the crisis at hand, now reassert our sovereign control of our land." (Continue reading story).

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Unfortunately for America I don't think that many of these Good Hearted and Well Intentioned people know what they are supporting. It is sad to see them unknowingly be taken advantage of like this. Even large groups like Anonymous that have brought truth to light in the past are now being used as pawns to usher in a New World Order!

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