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What is the best way to use a Selfie Stick? #powertheory

Mini Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone & Android Technology is astounding. I thought for sure that I would hate using a Selfie Stick, but I was wrong. I'm surprised so many places are banning these things. The one I have is light to carry and so small it fits easy in my purse so I can carry it with me all the time. I love that these things don't need batteries either!

Mini Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone & AndroidMy mono-pod has a remote control that allows me to use my smartphone's ear bud jack, so there's no need to rely on bluetooth connections or charging batteries. It also makes the process easy to understand for us technology stunted grandmas out here, lol! Speaking of easy the setup is a simple Plug 'n Play operation and I didn't even half to download an app! I love that because I never have enough room on my phone!

Mini Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone & AndroidThe holder rotates 270 degrees so I can snap photos easily from a variety of angles; and I snap a ton of pictures! I use GROOVEBOOK to print 100 pics from my phone every month for my scrapbooking. (You can get 100 pics FREE from the Groovebook App using the PROMO CODE: HARRIS5769).

Mini Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone & AndroidYou can get great shots with a Selfie Stick without having to hold the mono pod in an awkward position. The extendable pole can snap photos from over 2 feet (28.3 in) away, making it perfect for fantastic large group or over-the-crowd shots in tight spaces. The non-slip handle & wrist strap lets you hold the pole securely while you snap your picture.

I received my Mini Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone & Android at a heavy discount in exchange for sharing my opinions about the product.


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