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#PortPlugs will Save the World!

PortPlugs Keep Ports on Cell Phone Teblets Computer CleanPortPlugs will save the world! Okay, maybe I'm overstating the importance of these revolutionary device protectors, but you'll feel the same way when you get your hands on some of these life savers!

Did you know that harmful debris such as dirt, dust, sand and lint can enter your mobile device ports and wreck havoc on them? These little buggers can ruin your day by causing a whole host of disasters from slowing down your charging times to damaging your phone's circuit boards!

PortPlugs to the rescue!

PortPlugs clean tablet port plug comp computer portplugPortPlugs give your favorite devices some extra protection by providing your device with an extra layer of defense against harmful debris! It works by sealing open ports (such as the lightning port and headphone jack) while they are not in use, keeping your device clean and protected. Best of all PortPlugs are small enough to use with or without a case. So while PortPlugs might not save the world, it'll definitely save your phone!

It can help you look cool too, because it is available in a variety of awesome colors! Choose from Black, White, Clear, Blue, or Silver!

I received a set of PortPlugs in return for screaming my opinion about them from the rooftops, and even though they don't officially qualify as a superhero they will make you smile when you realize how much longer your devices last when you use them!


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