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Playstation 3 Root Key Made Public by Hackers

 Sonys new PlayStation 3 video game system sits on a shelf in the stockroom at a Circuit City store in Downers Grove, Il... Read Morelinois on November 16, 2006. The device, which retails for either $500 or $600, depending on the model, goes on sale at select cities nationwide at midnight on November 17.Playstation 3 was stripped of its final defense on Sunday by hackers, including the security keyes used to authenticate legitimate applications and reject illegitimate ones, according to PCWorld.

In other words, the hack allows the PS3 to run any program without authentication, meaning that PS3 game files burned onto a Blu-ray disc will function the same way as traditional PS3 retail discs.

German hackers fail0verflow have claimed credit and say they started the hacking process to allow Linux ‘Other OS’ installs, a feature Sony stripped from the console last year.

A few days after the reverse-engineering of the PS3, iPhone hacker GeoHot allegedly leveraged the work done by fail0verflow and published the PS3 root key, which can be used to sign any code to run on the consol and make it appear as though it was signed by Sony itself. Geohot released the key for public use, although he added that he “do[es] not condone piracy.”

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