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Obama to Investigate High Gas Prices

Obama is ready to get serious about the skyrocketing oil prices. He’s not going to eliminate red tape, bureaucracy, or regulations to make drilling easier. He’s also not going to stop making deals with foreign oil companies. But he has promised to investigate potential manipulation of energy prices. But why is he ignoring the real story – the declining value of the dollar?

While our paychecks are no longer worth the same amount as they were this time last year the stuff we buy with those same paychecks seem to cost more and more. Gold is a great solution for those in the position to invest, but for the average lower middle class and poor families precious metals are just not an option. The bottom line is you just cannot feed your family Gold and Silver.

Back on point, Obama will not be fixing the gas prices and any relief he does bestow on the America Public will not come anytime soon. The lies about "looking into" the problem are just a distraction to keep us all looking over here while he is busy doing things over there.

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