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Obama Botches Response to Another Terror Threat

Another terror threat, another botched response from the Obama administration.

Last Friday's attempted attack to blow up an airplane en route to Detroit from Amsterdam has bolstered what we've known for a long time: that stopping the bad guys is so far outside the worldview of the president and his staff it's downright scary.

In the hours that followed the attack, Obama foolishly called the attempt an "isolated incident."

That's like Tiger Woods calling Rachel Uchitel an isolated incident.

We now know that the suspect had been in Yemen just days before the attack and that a regional Al Qaeda group has claimed responsibility for it.

Obama appointee Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security chief, who earlier in the year referred to terrorist attacks as "man-caused disaster" and said that we weren't in a War on Terror, praised the system saying, "It worked."

No, it didn't.

She quickly and bizarrely tried to back-peddle the next day insisting that the events following the failed attack unfolded as they should have, but allowing the terrorist to board the plane with explosives clearly "signaled a failure of the system."

Someone should tell Napolitano that her method for measuring success is very strange.

Rep. Peter Hoekstra said it best: "Success is stopping these attacks, not responding to them."

However, rather than demand answers, Congressional Democrats are on defense while they lambaste Republicans for blocking an Obama's pick to head the Transportation Security Administration.

Forget playing politics about the head baggage screener who wouldn't have stopped the attack if he were in place. We've seen what has happened when the baggage of the Obama administration isn't adequately screened.

Most recently the foreign minister of Yemen said that there are likely 200 to 300 terrorists in Yemen plotting future attacks. Why aren't we water-boarding the Christmas Day bomber for information on who these men are? Guess we're more worried about getting him legal representation.

While our president attempts to appease those who have declared a radical jihad on U.S. and elsewhere, let the Christmas Day attack be a sign that the strategy of talking nicely isn't working.

What will it take for the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats to get tough on terror before more people die?

People are going to get killed if we don't change this pre-9/11 mentality. This isn't about politics, it's about reality -- cold one that people want to destroy us. Let this be another wake up call to the president before the only man caused disaster we're talking about is his own naivete.

Source: FOX News

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