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November 2nd 2010 Election Poem


Today the World will Change
For Better, for worse, for Richer, for Poorer
Today the World will Change
Are We Looking at Freedom? Is this the New World Order?

Opinions and Intentions Cast Aside
We have Received the Outcome We Asked for
Gift or Curse We cannot Hide
It is our Fate we cant Ignore

Today the World will Change
The only Voice heard will be the Ballot Box
Today the World will Change
No more Desperate Candidate Calls or Door Knocks

The Scale of Justice Hangs with a Heavy Heart
Questions of Truth and Lies Surround Support
Yes or No, He or She, All Ready for a New Start
Hopes and Prayers it won't be Decided in Court

The Only Way to Change the World is to Get Out and Vote Today
The Road Ahead is Long and Hard but Not Enough to Halt your Say

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