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NEWSWEEK's Power 50: The List

Rank Name Gender Category Earnings Estimate
Rush Limbaugh MaleTalk show host$58.7 million
Glenn Beck MaleTalk show host$33 million
Sean Hannity MaleTalk show host$22 million
Bill O'Reilly MaleTalk show host$20 million
Jon Stewart MaleTalk show host$15 million
Sarah Palin FemaleCurrent or former government official$14 million
Don Imus MaleTalk show host$11 million
Bill Clinton MaleCurrent or former government official$7.7 million
Keith Olbermann MaleTalk show host$7.5 million
Rudy Giuliani MaleCurrent or former government official$7 million
Laura Ingraham
FemaleTalk show host$7 million
Newt Gingrich MaleCurrent or former government official$5.5 million
Madeleine Albright FemaleCurrent or former government official$5 million
Stephen Colbert MaleTalk show host$5 million
Arianna Huffington FemaleJournalist$5 million
Mark Levin MaleTalk show host$5 million
Chris Matthews MaleTalk show host$4.5 million
George W. Bush MaleCurrent or former government official$4.2 million
Bill Maher MaleTalk show host$4 million
Barack Obama MaleCurrent or former government official$4 million
Jorge Ramos MaleJournalist$4 million
Joe Scarborough MaleTalk show host$3.5 million
Fareed Zakaria MaleJournalist$3.1 million
Bob Barnett MalePower broker$3 million
Alan Greenspan MaleCurrent or former government official$3 million
Frank Luntz MalePolitical strategist$3 million
Mark Halperin MaleJournalist$2.5 million
John Heilemann MaleJournalist$2.5 million
Bob Woodward MaleJournalist$2.5 million
Thomas Friedman MaleJournalist$2 million
Al Gore MaleCurrent or former government official$2 million
Rachel Maddow FemaleTalk show host$2 million
Jon Meacham* MaleJournalist$2 million
Charlie Rose MaleTalk show host$2 million
Karl Rove
MaleCurrent or former government official$2 million
Condoleezza Rice FemaleCurrent or former government official$1.8 million
Charlie Cook MaleJournalist$1.5 million
David Plouffe MalePolitical strategist$1.5 million
David Remnick MaleJournalist$1.3 million
Roland Martin MaleJournalist$1.1 million
Tina Brown FemaleJournalist$1 million
Dick Cheney MaleCurrent or former government official$1 million
John McLaughlin MaleTalk show host$1 million
Colin PowellMaleCurrent or former government official$1 million
Eduardo 'Piolin' Sotelo MaleTalk show host$1 million
Richard Stengel
MaleJournalist$1 million
Paul Krugman MaleJournalist$900,000
Mary MatalinFemaleCurrent or former government official$800,000
Ann Coulter FemaleJournalist$750,000
David Axelrod MaleCurrent or former government official$720,000 

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