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Naked Man Wrecks Library Bookshelves

They had quite the night there in the library at North Carolina State University in Raleigh:

According to Capt. Jon Barnwell, Campus Police found Seth Pace just after 11 p.m. without his clothes, “agitated and in an altered mental state.”

“It appears he may have been under the influence of some sort of drug,” Barnwell said.

According to Alex Stewart, a freshman in sports management, the naked man ran into the women’s restroom on the ninth floor when police arrived. Barnwell said the suspect was not aggressive toward Campus Police.

“I was passing the bookshelves and I heard all this noise. I turned and I see this white dude, butt-naked, he’s just tearing up bookshelves,” Stewart said. “It was crazy. I thought ‘Wow, is this guy crazy? Is he on drugs?’”

They man did threaten the other students he encountered.  It’s going to take a couple days to clean up the mess:

Cameron Winter, a senior in English and a library employee, said while he didn’t see the incident, he couldn’t miss the aftermath.

“It was about 1,400 [books] just from estimates,” Winter said. “He wasn’t doing it half-assed. It was all or nothing for this guy.”

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