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MSNBC’s Maddow on NPR Firing Scandal: Will GOP Go After Big Bird Next?

Big BirdDuring a roundtable discussion on NPR’s controversial firing of Juan Williams and the upcoming midterm elections, host David Gregory asks his guests to conjecture whether the GOP might introduce a plan to de-fund NPR into their campaign platform.

While the Washington Post’s E.J. Dione, a self-described liberal, praises NPR as “one of the best news organizations in the world” with no “political bias”, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow chimes in with her take, claiming the GOP may bring a “culture war” to Sesame Street. (Note how Maddow avoids classifying the Williams firing as right or wrong and instead takes the opportunity to take a swipe at Florida Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio):

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Also note how the panel laughs at the end about how no one could possibly be more conservative than the New York Times’ David Brooks… And they wonder why no one watches this show anymore?

Sigh. I miss Tim Russert.

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