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#Monarchs by Alex Chu

by Alex Chu

Monarchs is the Best Book I have Read all year!If you only read one book/ebook this year make it Monarchs by Alex Chu! A thrilling rollercoaster ride of emotions and intrigue starting at page one!

What is your price? Do you have a number in mind, maybe a wish you want filled, perhaps it's power you dream of, adventure, true love? Everyone has a price, but what would you do to see all your hearts desires be fulfilled? Would you be willing to lie, cheat, steal; would you commit murder?

The story revolves around Logan Weidman. Logan is a simple cubicle dweller waking everyday with little other purpose then to slave for the allmighty dollar. It is no wonder why he would dismiss the promises of wealth and power showing up without provocation in his inbox, but every man has a weak spot. It isn't long before Logan, enduring life as rolled downhill,  succumbs to temptation.

A chance meeting, if you believe in such things, begins the snowball that Logan tried to avoid by not sending what he was sure was SPAM a reply. It didn't matter, nothing mattered, as soon as Logan uttered the words, "I wanna be a Monarch. Make me a Monarch!" From the moment the words escaped his lips, Logan's life would never be the same, hell it wouldn't ever be his own, again!

This story is very original, and unlike other novels in the same genre, you won't feel the ending fails you. Get ready to delve deep into Alex Chu's characters as you read this book; they are well written and full of complicated thought making them easy to love, hate, laugh, and cry with and about. Logan may start as a broken man with squandered potential, but through his life choices and challenges the story and it's characters move to a new place and purpose.

I highly recommend Monarchs by Alex Chu! Follow Alex Chu on Facebook and/or GoodReads to keep up on what's coming next!


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