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Mercury May Be What Is Killing Us All

If it wasn't evident before I think it has become crystal clear now that trust is not something we can hold dear when it comes to our government. Let's take a minute to let that sink in. Did you pause? Trust is important. Any relationship counselor will tell you that you are doomed to failure without it. Unfortunately, this is an issue for a different blog.

It came to my attention the other evening that Mercury was being used in our dental fillings. Did you know about that? I sure didn't! I guess I never asked, so as what I consider an educated American I hold myself at least in part responsible for this oversight. My big issue though is even if I had known, would I have known not to get it? Would I have said yes give it to me anyway?

Shortly after writing a blog on the subject of them filing us up with Mercury in our fillings an Autism commercial came on the TV in the background. 1 in 110 Children are now diagnosed with Autism.

Now before you all scream and yell at me about Vaccines not causing Autism, I want you to stay with me through a "theory". Understand I am not a "Medical" Doctor, Scientist, or Government Employee. I will gain nothing financially or receive no job opportunity for the "theory" I am going to share with you. This is an "idea". It is FREE and ANYONE and EVERYONE is FREE to take it, twist, study it, or use it in any and every way they might to make a difference in this world.

According to multiple studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a reputable government agency, Mercury exposure can harm a person's health.

Many people are exposed to Mercury with no damage everyday. There are loads of Mercury in shellfish and fish and this is the most common type of Mercury people come in contact with. People are generally not harmed by this form of Mercury according to the EPA, but they do advise pregnant women not to eat these foods while pregnant for fear of harm.

There are four types of Mercury and your risk of harm is largely dependent on your age, overall exposure, and general health. This means what might hurt your neighbor might not effect you at all.

Armed with those facts I want you to know what the effect of Mercury can be:

Severe Disabilities
Peripheral Vision Imparment
Disturbances in Sensations
Lack of Coordination
Impairment of Speech
Hearing Loss
Altered Gait
Muscle Weakness
Emotional Changes
Neuromuscular Changes

There are more, and even these are more detailed but I just wanted to give you a brief overview. This list, even with the addition of those I did not include, can describe just about every autoimmune disease we have been plagued with in the last fifty years.

The EPA ran a test on rats/mice using Mercury to cause Cancer in in the rodents. It worked, but was not consistent so they abandoned the project. Considering it is the very nature of Mercury to work at a varying rate dependent on age, size, health, and exposure it seems no two test subjects (even identical twins) could ever be exactly the same and react the same to the test. Thus proving that their test did indeed prove that Mercury DOES CAUSE CANCER. I do not understand why we have not been told about this. Oh wait, yes I do.

If any information leaks out that Mercury is harmful now that this information about these dental fillings containing Mercury has been spread over the internet could you imagine the lawsuits? And there is no way of proving that the Cancer did or did not come from the fillings, not even that it was probable or not probable. It would be a nightmare. This why the medical world ran from the Vaccine war.

Vaccines do contain a small dose of Mercury. Even still today they contain Thimerosal which is just a fancy word for Mercury. Doctors will tell you there is no Mercury in you kids Vaccines, and they believe every word, demand the insert and read it for yourself before you agree to anything.

Again, just like with shellfish just because you eat it and are okay does not mean it won't kill your neighbor. Vaccines kill, cause disabilities, and may even cause more problems later in life and they do it using Mercury. It just has not been proven yet.

Where are some of the most common place to find Mercury:

Fluorescent light bulbs
Glass thermometers
Some older light switches
Older household thermostats
Some metallic jewelry
Children’s shoes (with flickering lights)
Some toys with flashing lights
Clothing irons
Some clock pendulums
Older oil-based paints
Button batteries (watch-type batteries)
High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID)
Fever, candy, meat thermometers
Thermostats Switches and Relays
Most autos have some form of a mercury switch
Thermostat probes that are found in appliances like gas stoves, space heaters, water heaters, and items with pilot lights
Mercurochrome antiseptics
Some toys to be aware of like chemistry sets and mazes
Golf balls, fishing lures
Some novelty jewelry
Dental Amalgam which is a mixture of mercury, silver and tin used to fill cavities (It is under EVERY enamel colored filling you have as well)
Older microwaves that had mercury vapor bulbs. The newer ones do not.
Mercury in soil, rocks, water and thermal springs
Tap water

This is not a long list. The list goes on for days. You can find pages and pages of this stuff out there with a simple search on your favorite search engine.


MERCURY is the cause of not just AUTISM but the majority of AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS, BIRTH DEFECTS, and their increase over the past fifty possibly hundred years.


Studies have found that MERCURY is harmful and sometimes fatal dependent on age, size, level of exposure, and general health. Testing cannot be done accurately because no two test subjects are identical and MERCURY effects all subjects in in varying ways who are not identical.


Testing is needed to show how MERCURY not only is associated with AUTISM and CANCER but more research is needed in the areas of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES and a possible link with the activation of HERV-W (not covered in this article).

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