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#MedOClock is the Smart Pillbox!

MedOClock is the Smart PillboxIt doesn't seem to matter if you attack your Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis from a natural angle, or go the Big Pharma route, you're gonna end up with a medicine cabinet full of vitamins and prescriptions that you need a PhD to keep track of! I am lucky enough to have someone who helps me navigate the chaos, but not everyone who battles an autoimmune disease is fortunate enough to have a Home Health Care Aid. Not all disability care providers are educated enough to organize the medical chaos either! It is because of this I have turned to technology, and one of my biggest tools in the arsenal is Med OClock!

MedOClock is the Smart PillboxMed OClock, the smart pillbox, sends you reminders so that you never forget which medication you should be taking next. I use it on my phone and my tablet for myself, however; the people I depend on to care for me when I cannot care for myself use it to keep up with what I need and when as well.

MedOClock is the Smart PillboxFEATURES:

- Easy to set-up. You can simply set-up recurring reminders for all your medications.
- See your medication reminders in one quick glance from the main home screen.
- Send your list of medications to medical personnel by email with a quick-access button.
- Add an emergency contact that you or anyone else can reach with a simple tap of a button.
- Set calendar reminders for all of your medical appointments.
- No need to carry multiple pieces of paper. Have all the info you need on your mobile.
- Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all Android devices.

Available in IOS app, Android app

I downloaded my copy of Med OClock for free in return for this review.


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