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Magic Salt - Vodka and Ice Can Be Quite Nice!

"Magic Salt" is a new and improved way to get rid of ice and snow off roadways, sidewalks, and driveways. The formula is made with distilled vodka.

It got its start on the East Coast and now it's in Northeast Indiana. Lutheran Hospital and Jefferson Pointe use it, even the City of New Haven has picked up on it.

"It's a by-product of the distilling process of vodka," said Eric Hitzfield, a Fort Wayne "Magic Salt" distributor.

People have been mixing it with tonic and orange juice for years, but now the secrets out, this stuff is Magic.

"It's basically the leftovers as they are doing the distilling and that they pull that product off, and they used to just basically dispose of it in retention ponds," said Hitzfield.

"Magic Salt" has been labeled as the most effective way to melt ice and snow.

It comes in salt or liquid form, and it can be sprayed with a truck or a pack.

It works at 35 degrees below zero, that's 50 degrees better than an average rock salt.

Not to mention, it's environmentally safe and less corrosive than distilled water.

Eric Hitzfield is the owner of ES Deicing in Fort Wayne. He is a "Magic Salt" distributor.

"When we tell people it's a by-product of vodka their face, their first expression is like wow we can't believe that, but then we've had people that say well we stuck a bottle of vodka in the freezer, makes sense, it never freezes," said Hitzfield.

The irony is, although it may taste bad, it's safe to drink. It's also double the cost of regular rock salt. However, you can use less to do the same job.

Source: Channel 15

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