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excellent business management model #leansixsigma

excellent business management model lean six sigmaLean Six Sigma: Quickstart Guide is an excellent business management model, and will walk you through the aspects of managing your organization step-by-step.

I was interested in this audio book because many employers have recently implemented Lean Strategies in the workplace, and I like to keep up. I was curious to find out what the core management concepts were that they taught in this book. I enjoyed the .pdf download that accompanies the audio book. It allowed quick reference material so I didn't have the need to take notes.

The soothing sound of Lucy Vest's voice was really a nice change of pace. Most audibles on this subject have monotone robots barely pronouncing the words. The clean and understandable speech made it very easy to follow and understand.

Drive improvement within your organization through the implementation of lean six sigma - finally explained in a simple and effective manner.

Running an organization is simple. Running an organization that is effective and efficient and has little waste is another story. At the core of every organization, what defines how it operates on a day-to-day basis is its philosophy and strategy. Not to be overlooked, the theories and strategies deployed by management and reinforced by those who execute the organization's mission ultimately define its success. Process improvement, quality control, and customer satisfaction can simultaneously be managed and improved upon with the implementation of lean six sigma. Data driven and rooted in analytics, the techniques and principles of lean six sigma have been around since the early 1920s.

An integration of the lean production philosophy and process improvement techniques of six sigma, lean six sigma combines two leading initiatives in order to take an organization to the next level. Through a calculated and developed strategy, the implementation of lean six sigma allows organizations to provide goods and services that meet or exceed customer expectations, efficiently coordinating the efforts of teams to get projects done the right way. Implementing lean six sigma begins with understanding exactly all of the concepts and the philosophy.


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