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Laura Bush Killed a Guy

Laura Bush Killed a Guy

Laura Bush, a teenager at that time, became the cause of death of another teenager, her classmate and a star athlete in the school, in car accident. In 2000, police released a report to the public, disclosing a car accident took place back in 1963 in Midland, Texas. It has been disclosed that Laura Welch (now Laura Bush), 17 years at that time, had wrongly run a stop sign, which had lead to the death of a teenager, her classmate. The report described that Laura has been driving Chevrolet sedan in night, a clear on, after about 8 pm on November 6, 1963, entering into an intersection without noticing the stop sign and struck to the “Corvair secan” driven by Michael Douglas, a 17 years boy. Judy Dykes, 17 years old, was also sitting in Laura’s car.

The idea of speed by which Miss Laura was driving at that time could not be obtained from the report, which is illegible. However through some other sources including Laura’s biographies, she was going at 50 mph at that time and the speed limit on that road has been reported to be 55mph. According to the report, the drivers had not been drinking, however proper test to establish the reality were not performed. Laura was not charged any lawsuit due to that accident.

Michael Douglas was taken to the Midland Memorial Hospital, where he died of not recovering his broken neck. However there are some reports in various news of 1963 declaring that the Michael was through out of his car and let him die of his broken neck and then he was taken to hospital where he was declared dead by the hospital authorities.

Source: Global News

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